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Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Ever since this two time US Air Force veteran with the big name decided to pick up the microphone, he has seemed destined to provide even bigger laughs. Aurelio is a favorite at clubs and colleges all across the country. His comedic style and energy are off the charts. Once on stage he electrifies the audience with his high energy and rapid fire comedy. 

In 2008 Aurelio’s talents extended beyond comedy and into acting. He has starred in several independent feature films with many more currently in development. In 2009 Aurelio was a breakout star in the “Cholo Comedy Slam” DVD taping, where he rocked a packed house at the Million Dollar theatre in Los Angeles. In April of 2011 Aurelio wrapped up the “No Laugh Track required” Comedy Tour where he performed thru out Europe for the US Military. In November of 2011 Aurelio was featured on the National TV Show "Latination". In February of 2012 Aurelio was cast as the lead actor in the upcoming movie "Death of a Gangster".

Aurelio’s talents for entertaining are undeniable. His comedy and acting has audiences and critics responding in one way, they want more! Once you have seen Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra, you will see why he is one the hottest entertainers around and why he will have you wanting more too…

If you're wondering why "iBlackmouth", my last name is Bocanegra. In English it means "Blackmouth". So after years of teasing as a child I am embracing it... Enjoy...
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